Cosmetic Dentistry

"Have you always wanted a brighter whiter smile to increase your confidence?"

Teeth Whitening

Everybody loves a bright white smile! Allure Dentistry offers the latest in teeth whitening technology, offering you a safe and easy way to maintain a great white smile. Ask us about our in office procedures or take home system. Our patients are overjoyed with the sparkle they get from their white teeth! Let us know if you are interested in whiter teeth and we will make your smile look brighter and whiter. Please let our team know if you prefer one-hour in-office teeth whitening or a take home teeth whitening kit.

"Veneers can enhance your entire look!"

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are one of the best ways to enhance your smile! Whether you are concerned about gaps, stains, badly shaped or crooked teeth Dr. Danialian and his team are the key to help you achieve your ideal look. A veneer placed on top of your teeth will correct nature's mistake or the result of an injury and help you have a beautiful smile. Veneers are thin, custom-made shells crafted of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front side of teeth. At Allure Dentistry our veneers are made by only extremely skilled dental technicians in the best dental labs in Los Angeles. A set of porcelain veneers will make a significant difference, giving you a healthy, gorgeous, and appealing smile.

"A smile makeover is a great investment that will positively and significantly affect your life"

Smile Makeovers

Smile Design is one of our passions at Allure Dentistry since it is such a positive and life changing experience. We truly enjoy being able to make a difference in the lives of our patients. The smile design or makeover procedure begins with a personal and informative consultation with Dr. Ladan Danialian. Your lip line, facial shape, jaw angle, and eye symmetry are examined. Radiographs, impressions, or photographs are also be taken at this time. Dr. Danialian will clearly and effectively discuss your needs and concerns, and answer all of your questions with experience and knowledge. Dr. Danialian believes that each of these elements are essential in designing the most beautiful, natural smile for each of our patients. After your smile design evaluation is complete, Dr. Danialian will plan a smile makeover and our team will walk you through each stage to make it a convenient and pleasant process. Our philosophy is to use only state of the art technology and the best materials available to create the perfect smile.

"Dental Bonding is a simple procedure"

Dental Bonding

Direct bonding is a great cosmetic solution available at our dental office that can be used to mask stains, close spaces and repair fractures. Dr. Danialian’s attention to detail and expertise allows the color of the bonding material to match the other teeth, ensuring a truly natural appearance...


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