Paperless Office


  • Computerized
  • Easy Patient Access
  • Secure
  • Convenient

Digital X-Rays


  • Quick
  • Less Radation
  • Safe
  • Clear

Intra Oral Camera


  • See what we see!
  • State-of-the-Art
  • No Pain
  • Sophisticated Technology

Audio Visual

  • Relax and Enjoy!
  • Clear Picture
  • Easy Treatment Explanations
  • Modern Technology

Relaxing Decor


  • Warm and Inviting
  • Professionally Designed
  • Luxurious
  • Comfortable

Office Features

Having the latest technology in cosmetic, general, and restorative dentistry is an important aspect. In giving you the best in care, Dr. Ladan Danialian and our entire team at Allure Dentistry use the latest dental technology to provide you with the most comfortable experience and the best treatment decisions. Our office has a range of state-of-the-art technologies care for your smile, effective and proactive treatment, and a pleasant experience.


Dr. Ladan Danialian has created a paperless office by using dental software to track patient records and appointments, which also allows patients to fill out forms on our office iPad or from the comfort of their own home computer.


Digital x-rays require 1/10 the radiation as compared to conventional film x-rays. This reduces the amount of radiation to our patients and team and eliminates the need for harmful developing chemicals we are exposed to.


The intraoral camera makes it possible for our cosmetic dentist to discuss your dental conditions with you in a much more understandable way. A small camera is inserted into your mouth, relaying images onto a video screen. Small teeth fractures, areas of decay, and other issues are much more visible with the intraoral camera, giving you a better idea of what’s going on and helping you and our dentist decide on the best treatment options. This technology is a state-of-the-art tool that has proven very effective in understanding how the aesthetic and functional health of your teeth and gums can be improved.


To make your experience and treatment explanation more enjoyable and effective each treatment room features flat screen televisions and state of the art equipment.


Our newly and professionally designed office is a luxurious and relaxing place to take care of your dental needs.


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