4 Tips for Dealing With a Missing Tooth

Missing Tooth Los Angeles, CA

Are you experiencing a missing tooth? It is actually quite common to lose a tooth, since accidents happen and tooth decay can be difficult to prevent. Knowing what to do when this happens can be difficult because it is most likely not expected. Continue reading to find out what a dentist has to say about dealing with a missing tooth!

How to deal with a missing tooth

Outlined below are four tips for dealing with a missing tooth. This information should be reviewed by individuals who have lost a tooth or feel that they will soon.

1. Be cautious

First and foremost, when experiencing a missing tooth, it is essential to be cautious. The space where the tooth once was may be tender or sensitive, which means extra consideration is needed. Avoiding physical contact that could result in losing another tooth nearby is a good idea.

2. Avoid eating certain foods

Try to avoid eating in the area of the missing tooth. Besides chewing on the opposite side of the mouth, it is also recommended to not eat certain foods that could irritate the gums or put the adjacent teeth at risk. Foods that are extremely hard, sticky, or chewy may break one of the adjacent teeth, which could result in the need for multiple tooth replacements as opposed to just one. 

3. Do not skip oral hygiene

There is a common misconception that having a missing tooth eliminates the need for oral hygiene in that area, but that is not true. Oral hygiene is just as important when experiencing a missing tooth, if not more so. In fact, the space and the entire oral cavity automatically become at risk. Oral health can decline significantly when there is a missing tooth in the mouth. Here are a few of the things that may happen:

  • The adjacent existing teeth may experience an extra build-up of plaque and tartar because more of the surface is exposed
  • When a tooth is missing, the jawbone will become less stimulated, and over time, this can lead to its deterioration

4. Consult with a dentist

The best thing to do when experiencing a missing tooth is to consult with a dentist. Tooth replacement is helpful when it comes to oral functioning, as well as for the health of the mouth and entire body. 

Dentists can evaluate the missing tooth and determine what type of replacement is best. For a single missing tooth, a dental implant with a crown is most likely the best option. However, dental bridges are also commonly used as they help protect the adjacent teeth. 

Find out more

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