Can Composite Veneers Be Removed?

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Composite veneers are one option for patients seeking to enhance a discolored, crooked, or otherwise misshapen smile. Though these appliances do not need to be removed unless there is a health reason, composite material, unlike porcelain, can be completely removed without harm to the patient's teeth.

How do veneers improve a person's appearance?

Veneers can be likened to shells that fit over existing teeth. Though usually placed over the top front teeth, it is theoretically possible to create these shells for any teeth. The appointment process is relatively simple: Composite veneers can be placed and shaped within one dental appointment, which allows for a collaborative process between the patient and the dentist.

Composite veneers are a great choice for people who want a durable cosmetic solution that enhances the appearance of natural teeth but is also reversible. If there is any trepidation with how porcelain veneers require the dentist to file down the natural teeth, composites are a good alternative. 

Why would a patient choose to remove composite veneers?

Removal of veneers is a relatively common procedure that does not pose a risk to the patient’s health. Occasionally, a patient will ask for reshaping, request new veneers if old ones break, or visit for dental work that necessitates the removal of the appliance. 

1. The veneers need to be reshaped

Though most patients are satisfied with the initial shaping of composite veneers, occasionally more work is warranted. While the dentist can often reshape composite without needing to fully remove the appliance, they can do so if more drastic changes need to be made. Often, this procedure can take place at a routine dental appointment as it is painless, quick, and does not affect the surrounding teeth or tissues. 

2. The patient needs dental work

If the patient has a cavity, gum disease, or other dental problems that occur after the placement of veneers, it may be necessary to remove the composite material during the dental treatment.

Composite appliances are much easier to remove than porcelain and can be replaced after the dental procedure is complete or after the patient has healed — regardless of how long the healing process takes. Composite, unlike porcelain, does not require any filing of the natural teeth before placing, so these appliances do not need to be immediately replaced to prevent damage to the natural teeth.

3. The veneers broke

If the patient incurred any kind of accident that damaged the composite, it is important to see the dentist who can fix the issue. Sometimes composite veneers can become loose or detach entirely from the teeth, especially if the patient fell or bumped the teeth on a hard object.


Patients who receive composite veneers should not worry about these appliances standing in the way of their oral health. It is possible to conduct routine dental care such as cleanings, fillings, and even everyday activities such as brushing and flossing with veneers. Composite devices can also be safely removed and replaced if necessary.

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