How Does a Dental Bridge Compare to Other Replacement Options?

Dental Bridges Los Angeles, CA

With a dental bridge, patients can fill in a gap that missing teeth might have created. The bridge has at least two false teeth on either side. These are the abutment teeth where the bridge is attached. There are then one or more false teeth between the abutments. The natural teeth will support the dental bridges so that it stays in place. 

The advantages of using a dental bridge

A dental bridge can restore a patient’s smile and help them to speak and eat better. The bridge might also maintain the facial structure to prevent bone loss. Plus, the dental bridge can help distribute the biting forces better to replace the patient’s missing teeth. The nite force is important in order to help maintain the remaining natural teeth. 

Getting a dental bridge

During the first visit, the dentist will prepare the adjacent teeth for the dental bridge. The preparation involves contouring to make way for a crown to be placed on them. Then, physical impressions will be taken. These will be a model to create the crowns and dental bridge from. The dentist might give the patient a temporary crown to protect the gums and teeth. The temporary crown will be worn until the permanent crown can arrive.

At the next visit, the dentist will take off any temporary prosthetics and will place the permanent pieces on the teeth. This can be adjusted and checked if needed to make it fit correctly. The patient might need to make a few visits to see if the bite and framework are correct. If it is a fixed bridge, the dentist might use temporary dental cement to keep it in place correctly. If it fits correctly, then the dentist might switch it out for permanent dental cement.

Other options

Patients also have the option of getting implants. These are fixed in the mouth, and the implant is placed within the patient’s jawbone. The difference with these, however, is that they require an invasive procedure to place. A patient might prefer the easy procedure for getting a dental bridge.

For many missing teeth, partial dentures might be an option. These appliances are similar to dental bridges. The teeth are on a plastic base that is similar to the color of the patient’s gums, so they blend in with the mouth better. The dentures let the patient eat or speak better and are easy to take out. However, these might not be as comfortable as dental bridges are. The false teeth might also need to have repairs done more often.

Visit a dentist for a dental bridge today

It is vital for you to talk about the different replacement options with a dentist. Patients can then get advice on the options that are available. That way, the right solution can be chosen and achieved. Scheduling a consultation with the dentist today is the first step to take.

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