How to Get Ready for a Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment Los Angeles, CA

Root canal therapy involves careful planning and preparation. It is important to follow the tips provided by the general dentist to ensure a successful treatment and to minimize anxiety throughout the process. This guide offers insights into how to get ready for your root canal procedure. 

Preparation tips for root canal therapy

When preparing for root canal therapy, be sure to ask the right questions during the consultation, follow the instructions provided by the dentist, go shopping before the procedure for food and pain management supplies, do something fun the night before and get a good night of rest. 

Ask the right questions

Many patients have anxiety before root canal therapy. One great way to deal with the anxiety is to ask the dental staff questions so they can address any concerns. Consider putting a list together of questions to ask before the visit. Ideally, receiving more information about how to prepare and what to do after the procedure can help patients deal with anxiety. 

Follow the dentist’s instructions

The dentist should provide detailed instructions on how to prepare before the day of the root canal therapy procedure. The instructions should include information about dietary restrictions the night before the procedure and how to practice good oral care to ensure that a patient is in good oral health on the day of the root canal. 

Go shopping before the procedure

It is also important to go shopping for supplies the week before the root canal procedure. This should include buying soft foods that are easy to eat, since the mouth must recover after the root canal therapy. It is also helpful to buy supplies for pain management, including ice packs and pain relief medicine. This is important because most patients do not want to go shopping on the same day as the procedure. 

Do something fun the night before treatment

Patients who are having issues with anxiety the night before root canal therapy may benefit from doing something fun the night before to stay relaxed and keep their mind off of the procedure. For example, playing a board game with family members or watching a movie with a significant other could be a great way to relax. 

Get a good night of sleep and arrive early

It is also important to sleep well the night before and get at least eight hours of rest. Running late to the appointment may make anxiety worse and the check-in process more complicated, so planning to arrive early is helpful. 

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Root canal therapy is a simple and safe procedure. Here at our dental practice, we take pride in performing root canal therapy in the safest manner possible, and we guide the patient through every step, from the preparation measures to aftercare once treatment is complete.

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