Need a Periodontist Near Me? Take a Look at Allure Dentistry

A periodontist is a dental specialist that treats the supporting structures of our teeth, especially the gingiva or gums. Treating and preventing periodontal disease is one of our priorities at Allure Dentistry and we have an expert periodontist on staff. For those who are searching for a "periodontist near me," here is a look at our services as well as some general information about periodontal diseases.

There are two types of periodontal disease, and both of these diseases are caused by a build-up of plaque and tartar on our teeth. Plaque is sticky substance that is made up of mucous, bacteria and other substances. Proper dental hygiene such as brushing and flossing can reduce the amount of plaque in a person's mouth and prevent plaque from hardening and becoming tartar, which cannot be removed by typical brushing and flossing.

If you wish to avoid visiting a periodontist, 90025 residents not only are recommended to brush and floss at least twice daily, it also is necessary to schedule routine dental cleanings every six months. These professional cleanings can remove any plaque and tartar from your teeth. Combining twice-yearly cleanings and excellent daily home dental care is the best way to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

However, it's not uncommon for people to avoid these professional cleanings and this can result in a build-up of tartar that leads to gingivitis, which is the most mild form of periodontal disease. Gingivitis can cause inflammation in the gums and the gums might look red and swollen and will bleed easily. If you have gingivitis, a periodontist for 90025 residents probably will recommend a deep cleaning as well as simply improving your daily dental regime. If you do have gingivitis, it can be wise to schedule professional cleanings more frequently than every six months until the gums have become healthy again.

If gingivitis is allowed to progress into periodontitis, this can cause the gums to recede and pull away from your teeth. Bacteria then gets deeper into the gumline and this can destroy the gums and tissue that help support your teeth. Eventually, this can even cause teeth to become loose and perhaps even need to be removed. In some cases, deep scaling and root planning will be employed to remove the tartar and plaque. After this extensive cleaning, it is recommended that you adhere to a strict dental hygiene routine and need to visit your periodontist regularly to ensure that your gums and teeth are healthy.

In some cases a periodontist for 90025 residents will recommend treatments beyond root scaling and planning. For instance, gum graft surgery may be necessary if the gums have receded to the point where they are no longer protecting the root of the tooth. There are other procedures that also might be recommended in order to restore dental health.

Of course, your best course of action is to simply focus on daily dental hygiene and schedule those twice yearly visit to the periodontist. 90025 residents are within minutes of our offices, and not only do we have an expert periodontist on site, we have many other dental specialists at our offices. We can provide you with comprehensive dental exams, professional custom cleanings, full periodontal services and much more. So if you are searching for a "periodontist near me," consider giving the team at Allure Dentistry a call.

We know that many people fear going to the dentist, but our goal is to provide you with the best quality dental care with the least amount of discomfort. Your comfort is one of our greatest concerns, so give us a call and let's get started on improving your dental health.

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