Services from an Oral Surgeon in the 90025 Area

If you are doing an internet search for an "oral surgeon near me," you are not alone. Oral surgery is something that most people will need from time to time. At Allure Dentistry, we are a full-service dentistry office and we provide the services of an oral surgeon for 90025 residents and beyond. Here is a quick look at some of the types of oral surgery we provide for our patients.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Those pesky wisdom teeth are notorious for causing problems in our mouths and removing all or some wisdom teeth is a common procedure for an oral surgeon for 90025 patients. In some cases, wisdom teeth push against other teeth, which can cause pain or cause problems with your bite or impact the alignment of your teeth. If you have spent several thousand dollars and years dealing with braces, you definitely don't want your wisdom teeth ruining all of that hard work so if they seem to be altering your teeth positioning, removing them is a good option.

Additionally, one might need to remove wisdom teeth if they become impacted. This simply means that the wisdom teeth cannot grow in place normally. Sometimes they even break through the gums partially and this can make oral hygiene difficult. Food, plaque and debris all can become trapped in the area around these wisdom teeth and lead to gum disease and cavities. In these cases, it often is wise to simply have these teeth extracted and an oral surgeon for 90025 residents can perform this procedure for you.

Root Canal Therapy

Very often, patients searching for an oral surgeon near me are suffering from some type of tooth or gum pain. Often this discomfort is due either to gum disease or perhaps a cavity. If gum disease is the culprit, we can recommend deep scaling and cleaning to remove plaque and tartar and reduce the inflammation, swelling and discomfort that accompany both the mild form of gum disease (gingivitis) and the more advanced form of gum disease (periodontitis).

However, if you have a cavity, your oral surgeon for 90025 patients, will need to either fill this cavity or perhaps provide you with root canal therapy. A cavity is a hole in the enamel of your tooth and a small cavity often can simply be repaired with a filling, which fills up the hole. If the hole is not filled, this allows bacteria to access the dentin and pulp chamber of the tooth, which can cause both the dentin and the pulp to become decayed and diseased.

During a root canal treatment, an oral surgeon for 90025 patients will remove all of the diseased pulp as well as the decaying or dead pulp tissue. The area will then be disinfected and filled to ensure that bacteria no longer can infect the area. In some cases, when much of the tooth enamel has been affected by decay, a crown also might need to be installed to both support the tooth and improve its appearance.

We find that many people searching for that "oral surgeon near me" are fearful of coming to the dentist or oral surgeon and often wait until they are in great pain before contacting our offices. However, twice-yearly dental visits truly can prevent the need for procedures such as root canal therapy. If you do need root canal treatment, rest assured that we will make this procedure as pain-free as possible. In fact, typically the pain caused by the decayed tooth is far worse than any discomfort you feel during the procedure or after.

Dental Implant Procedures & Dentures

If a tooth becomes too damaged and needs to be removed, then we typically recommend that the patient undergo a dental implant procedure. An oral surgeon for 90025 residents can provide you with dental implant surgery and, at Allure Dentistry; we have a dental implant specialist on staff. Dental implants typically are the best tooth replacement option because they are meant to last a lifetime and they improve the strength of your jaw and support the gums. When a tooth is removed, this can cause the gums and jawbone to deteriorate, which is why we often recommend implants for our patients who have lost a tooth.

In some cases, if dental implants are not recommended, an oral surgeon for 90025 patients might recommend that dentures be created. Our goal, in this case, is to ensure that your dentures fit properly and feature a natural appearance. For some patients, full dentures might be needed and for other, who might only be missing a few teeth, partial dentures can be crafted that blend in beautifully with existing teeth.

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