The Benefits of Having a Kid Friendly Dentist

Kid Friendly Dentist Los Angeles, CA

Dentist offices can be intimidating for children, and bad experiences could cause them to develop dental anxiety. A kid friendly dentist can help reduce the risk of dental anxiety and help ensure your child feels comfortable during their dental visits. This review discusses how you and your child can benefit from choosing a kid-friendly dentist. 

Reasons to choose a kid-friendly dentist for your child

Many general dentists offer services for children. However, they do not typically take extra measures to ensure the child feels comfortable, such as adding fun office colors, children's magazines, a play area, and more. A kid-friendly dentist goes the extra mile to ensure children feel comfortable and confident on every dental visit. 

Kid-friendly dentists are licensed and experienced

Kid-friendly dentists are licensed and insured, in addition to having completed the necessary training to practice dentistry. They also have experience treating children specifically, which is incredibly valuable as communicating with children about oral health is much different than with adults. 

The environment in the office is friendly and offers comfort

A kid-friendly dentist office is made to feel friendly for children. This may include colorful walls, fun magazines, or an activity area for them to play while they wait. They also offer kid-safe numbing agents when necessary (e.g., laughing gas), and they try and make the procedures as pain-free as possible for children. The friendly environment helps children feel safe and comfortable while at the dentist's office, which reduces the risk of them experiencing dental anxiety.

The dentist and staff understand how to communicate with children

Kid-friendly dentists take extra steps to communicate well with children. Since they see more children each day, they are far more familiar with effective communication strategies when talking with children. This can help the child (and the parents) feel much better about their kid’s oral care plan. 

They seek to educate children on oral care prevention

One of the primary focuses of kid-friendly dentists is to educate child patients on how to prevent oral health concerns through good oral hygiene at home. This can, of course, not always be easy, and it is important for dental care providers to know how to educate children about oral hygiene effectively. Kid-friendly dentists take pride in and know how to educate children so they can keep a clean and healthy mouth between visits. 

Kids go to the same dentist as their peers

It is not uncommon for children to have the same dentist as some of their friends and classmates when choosing a kid-friendly dentist that treats a range of younger patients. This can help children feel more confident when visiting the dentist. 

Find out more about kid-friendly dentistry today

Is your child due for a dental visit or dealing with oral health or a cosmetic concern? If so, then our kid-friendly dentist and staff can provide the care your child needs. We can answer your questions and arrange for a convenient time to bring your child in for a consultation, so feel free to reach out to our team today.

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