What to Expect With a Multiple Tooth Implant

Multiple Tooth Implant Los Angeles, CA

Instead of living with several missing adjacent teeth, you might consider a multiple tooth implant. This restorative dental solution has become popular among people of all ages. With so many benefits, this is what a lot of dentists recommend. Sure, you could wear dentures, but with a high-tech permanent solution like this, why would you want to? It is well worth investigating.

The basics of a multiple tooth implant

Typically, a dentist will suggest a multiple tooth implant for someone who has missing adjacent molars. As the most powerful teeth in the mouth, the molars are what people use to chew. However, these implants work for other teeth as well. These bridge-supported implants become a person’s permanent teeth. Not only do they improve chewing ability but they also enhance smiles.

Getting a multiple tooth implant

A dental professional inserts titanium screws into the jawbone. It usually takes between two and six months for them to bond. During that time, the dentist can attach a temporary tooth. Once the bone and screw bond, the dental professional replaces the temporary tooth with a permanent one. From start to finish, the patient has improved functionality and a better smile.

Depending on the individual and the type of multiple tooth implant used, the dentist might need to perform a second step of the procedure. That entails uncovering the implant to attach extensions. During both the placement of the initial screws and if necessary, the extensions, most patients experience slight soreness. However, that goes away in roughly two to three weeks.

With the bonding period over, a dental laboratory creates either the bridges or teeth according to each patient’s criteria. Once sent to the dentist’s office, the patient receives a call to come in to have the multiple tooth implant procedure done. At that time, the dentist attaches the permanent teeth to abutments. These are small metal posts.

Some of the advantages

Along with improved functionality and an enhanced smile, patients benefit from the fact that a multiple tooth implant is permanent. Unlike dentures, these remain in the mouth at all times. As for proper care, an individual would need to brush and floss as though they had natural teeth. The dentist might also recommend limiting the amount of wine, coffee, or tobacco to prevent staining.

The bridge-supported type of multiple tooth implant also replaces tooth roots. The procedure helps to preserve the jawbone, as well. When someone has too many missing teeth, the bone structure changes. Often, bone that once surrounded the natural tooth deteriorates, causing other teeth to shift. That creates yet another dental problem.

Talk to your dentist

In the long term, having a multiple tooth implant procedure done benefits in many ways. It improves aesthetics, functionality, and even makes your mouth feel more comfortable. With this dental restoration available, there is no need to live with a visible defect. Schedule an appointment to consult with your dentist to see if you make a good candidate. Overall, you can expect better oral health.

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