When do you Need an Emergency Dentist?

Dental Injuries That Require Immediate Attention 

When it comes to a dental injury, these issues never seem to occur during the normal business hours at your dental office. Fortunately, many dentists offer emergency dentist services for their patients and others who have suffered some type of dental trauma.

Not all dental injuries require immediate treatment and some can wait until your dentist office is open. Emergency dentist services do cost more than a visit during office hours, so if the issue is fairly minor, it can be smart to wait. However, there are some dental issues that need immediate treatment, including the following situations.

Dislodged & Knocked Out Teeth

If you have a tooth that has been knocked out or perhaps knocked loose from your gums, this is definitely a dental emergency and you should seek help immediately from your emergency dentist.

Your first steps will be to have someone contact an emergency dentist and to carefully pick up the tooth, taking care not to touch the root area of the tooth. Instead hold it gently by the chewing edge of the tooth. If it seems dirty, do not scrub or wipe off the tooth, simply gently rinse it with water. To keep the tooth and root system moist, you can either keep in a small glass of milk or even place it into your mouth, keeping it next to your cheek. In some cases, it might be possible to place the tooth back into its socket and we recommend that you try to replace it. Then head straight to the emergency dentist so that they can try to save the tooth.

In some cases, a tooth might not become completely knocked out, but rather dislodged from its socket. A dislodged tooth is known as a luxated tooth, and this is also a dental emergency and requires immediate treatment. Typically your emergency dentist will reposition the tooth and then stabilize it as well. You will need to schedule follow up appointments as well with both dislodged and knocked out teeth, and sometimes root canal treatment will be needed in the days or weeks following the injury.

Broken & Fractured Teeth

If a portion of your tooth is broken off or your tooth is fractured, this also constitutes a dental emergency. Your emergency dentist will take x-rays of the area as well as conducting a visual exam to assess the extent of the damage. In some cases, root canal therapy will be needed as the nerve also might have been fractured or damaged. If the damage to the root was fairly close to the gum line, stabilizing the tooth might prevent the necessity of a root canal.

When a tooth is chipped or broken, this looks fairly obvious, however, sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a tooth is fractured or the root is fractured. Generally, if you experience pain when you bite down or perhaps experience extreme sensitivity to hot or cold in the area where the injury occurred, you may have a damaged tooth or root. It is important to receive treatment from an emergency dentist as soon as possible in order to preserve the tooth. Whenever teeth are broken, fractured or dislodged, you typically will need more than just the visit to the dentist to fix the problem.

For a minor tooth chip, it is possible that treatment can wait until regular dentist office hours rather than seeing an emergency dentist. However, it is wise to call the office and leave a message informing them of the injury so that they can schedule you in as soon as possible.

Severe Pain & Bleeding

If you have you have injured a tooth and the area is bleeding and will not stop, you need to call the emergency dentist immediately. Likewise, if you are experiencing severe pain and there is swelling, you should call the emergency dentist. It is possible that you could have an abscess or a dental infection and you should seek fast treatment for these issues.

When you experience pain in your jaw, gum line or teeth, it is important to schedule a visit with your dentists as soon as possible. Pain is not normal and early treatment generally is far less invasive and less expensive than waiting for weeks as the pain intensifies and the problem becomes larger. Minor pain might require only a simple filling and good professional dental cleaning. As pain progresses, you might need root canal therapy and a crown or perhaps will need to have the tooth extracted. A dentist's goal is always to preserve a tooth if possible, and this is far easier if you schedule regular dental visits.

Dental emergencies do happen from time to time, and at Allure Dentistry, we offer emergency dentist services. If you have a dental emergency, simply call our main office phone line. If the emergency occurs during office hours, we can have you come in during the day. If the emergency occurs after business hours, there will be recorded instructions explaining how to leave an emergency message for Dr. Danialian. She will contact you personally, discuss the situation and provide emergency care at the office if needed.

Even if emergency care is not needed, it will bring you great peace of mind to have a skilled emergency dentist evaluate the situation and provide advice of how to treat the injury until regular office hours.

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