Will Dental Veneers Be Permanent?

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Dental veneers are not classified as permanent restorations because they typically have to be replaced at some point. However, these thin restorations can last up to 20 years with good oral hygiene.

Veneers are popular cosmetic dental treatments and are placed on the front-facing parts of teeth to hide cosmetic imperfections. These restorations enable dentists to transform the way that your teeth look. Most patients who opt for veneers are satisfied with the results that they get.

Getting conventional dental veneers often requires removing enamel from the teeth being treated. This is an irreversible process because enamel does not regrow once portions have been removed. That means any teeth that have been prepared for veneers will always need a restoration to serve as their artificial enamel. However, there are specialized “no-prep” veneers that do not require altering the structures of teeth being treated. These veneers are thinner than conventional ones, but they are not as effective at hiding imperfections.

What to expect when getting dental veneers

Getting veneers placed on teeth starts with a consultation with a dentist. The dentist instructs the patient about the procedure and the differences between conventional and no-prep veneers during the appointment. If the patient opts for conventional veneers, the dentist typically gives them a few days to go over their decision because it cannot be reversed in the future.

If the patient chooses to go through with the procedure, the dentist sets a date for the first portion of the treatment. During the visit, enamel is shaved off the front-facing sides of the patient’s teeth, and an impression of the patient’s mouth is made. The patient’s teeth are covered with temporary veneers to conclude the first part of the treatment.

The impression of the patient’s teeth is sent to a lab where technicians make restorations like veneers. It can take up to two weeks for the patient’s customized restorations to be sent to the clinic. Once they are ready, the patient comes in for a second appointment.

The second visit involves removing the patient’s temporary veneers and cementing the custom veneers into place. Alterations are made as needed to ensure that the patient’s smile looks aesthetically pleasing. Any issues that negatively affect the way their smile looks should be covered up at this point.

Issues that veneers can be used to fix include:

  • Discolored or stained teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Short/deformed teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Getting more out of veneers

Tooth decay and trauma to the face are common reasons that veneers might need to be replaced prematurely. Things that patients can do to make their veneers last longer include:

  • Practice good oral hygiene
  • Show up for biannual check-ups
  • Avoid biting hard things like ice or fingernails
  • Use protective gear like mouth guards when playing sports

Transform your smile with veneers

Our dentist can help create your ideal smile with dental veneers. Give us a call or stop by our Los Angeles clinic to set up an appointment with our dentist.

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