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Everyone deserves a bright, shining smile that fills them with self-confidence. Making certain you such a radiant smile is our genuine passion here at Allure Dentistry in Brentwood. Led by Dr. Danialian and our talented team of support staff, we can resolve essentially any dentistry issue you or your family member might be encountering. Thanks to our knowledge of dentistry techniques and office equipped with state-of-the-art technology, your satisfaction and comfort are kept as the top priorities throughout any procedure.

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Great Dentistry for Today & Tomorrow

Even if you take care of your teeth as best you can, problems can and do happen. You might start to develop staining due to coffee drinking, or a cavity due to sweets. In some cases, people slip, fall, and lose a tooth. No matter the dentistry crisis you are facing, Allure Dentistry in Brentwood can fix it and set things right again. We are also extremely well-versed in routine dentistry techniques and services, which means we can keep your smile looking its best throughout the year.

Some of our most popular dentistry services include:

We can even come up with customized dentistry care plans based on your unique needs and expectations. At Allure Dentistry, we are all about going above and beyond for patients. We want you to love your smile not only when you leave our dentistry office in Brentwood, but also well in the future. After all, you are going to need to keep making great first impressions for the rest of your life. Be prepared with the smile of your dreams.

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What You Can Expect From

Our Team Here at Allure Dentistry
  • Commitment to Quality

    Our doctor is diligently trained and our specialists focus on a mastery of gentle techniques.

  • Convenient Appointments

    We offer appointments in the morning, evening, and the weekend to help fit your schedule.

  • Prompt Emergency Service

    If you are having a dental emergency, we do our best to treat you the same day.

  • Advanced Technology

    We stay up to date on emerging trends in cosmetic, orthodontic, and restorative dentistry.